Living Well Services

Living with illness can be hard. There are different ways people find to manage illness. Some find it helps to talk with those with similar problems, learning together how to manage. Many find staying active through exercise and other activity helps. Having fun with others can also take your mind from your illness.

Our experience is that we can learn how to influence our health and improve our wellbeing.

It’s all about enabling you to enjoy life – understand yourself better, connect with other people and feel the benefit of kindness, friendship, support and having a good laugh.

The Living Well Team:

We have a team comprising of a senior sister/clinical lead, occupational therapist, complementary therapist, creative therapist and healthcare assistant who provide a range of group and individual therapies for people living with long-term conditions that impact on their lives. These are provided in our Living Well Centre in Barrow, as well as at the hospice in Ulverston and within the home setting. The team are skilled at adapting therapeutic techniques and approaches to meet the needs of individuals.


Who is the service for?

The Living Well Specialist Palliative Care Team at St Mary’s Hospice offer support for individuals living with advanced, progressive conditions who have associated palliative care needs and one or more of the following:

• The patient is being negatively impacted by the symptoms of their condition.
• The need for specialist palliative support, and/or symptom control.
• Generic services are unable to meet the patient’s needs.
• The problems identified are best dealt with by the Hospice.
• Need for specialist help with rehabilitation or adjustment to deteriorating function.
• The patient is registered with a GP practice within the Furness, Ulverston, South Lakes, Millom or Duddon Valley area.
• Aged 18 years or over.

The patient should consent to a referral being made to the Living Well Team, if they have capacity to do so. If the patient does not have capacity, the decision should be made on ’Best Interests’ from discussions with family and any other relevant health professionals involved in the care of the patient.
Family carers may attend with the patient, and can access complementary therapy for themselves.

What support is available?

The Living Well Team can offer a range of programmes to support individuals (for more detail please see the table below). These include:

• Feel good days
• Fatigue, Anxiety & Breathlessness Programme (FAB)
• Creative Therapy
• Physical Activity Therapy
• Complementary Therapy
• Day Hospice

How do I know what service is suitable?

Individuals will be assessed for their suitability for these programmes by a member of the Living Well Team. From assessment the team will decide on the most suitable programme to offer to meet their needs.

For more information on how we assess (from assessment) you can view the assessment criteria here:

More information on Referral Criteria

The Living Well Team offers a range of programmes:

Feel good days – These are 2 hour sessions delivered at both our hospice sites and in our local community focussing on the 4 Pillars of Good Health* (Relax, Eat, Move and Sleep) and the 5 Ways to Wellbeing** ( Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Learn and Give). These will be delivered over 4 sessions. Patients can choose to attend any combination of these.

Fatigue, Anxiety & Breathlessness Programme (FAB) – 6 week programme to help patients develop non-pharmaceutical techniques and strategies to practically, emotionally and mentally to cope with fatigue, anxiety and breathlessness. Each session will last 2 hours.

Creative Therapy – 8 week group programme to enable individuals to take a sense of control and boost self-esteem. The programme allows a use of a wide range of art forms, building on new skills which can be shared with family and friends, thus encouraging reconnection during what can be a very lonely time, and help to make everlasting memories. Each session will last 3 hours.

Physical Activity Therapy – Various programmes delivered across both hospice sites in Ulverston and Barrow and in the local community. The programmes focuses on the benefits of movement, exercise and relaxation for wellbeing to help reduce symptoms, improve mood and quality of life.

Complementary Therapy – Our complementary therapy team can offer a range of 1:1 and group therapy sessions for patients and carers. A treatment plan will be developed on assessment. Complementary therapy is available at any point from diagnosis.

Day Hospice – 8 week programme for individuals requiring more extensive support. The programme includes goal planning, creative therapy, reminiscence, movement, relaxation, nutrition and sleep (4 Pillars of Good Health*) sessions to enhance confidence and wellbeing. The day hospice can help with symptom management, as well as emotional and spiritual support. Each session lasts 4 hours and a light lunch is provided. The day hospice is delivered at both our Ulverston and Barrow sites.

How can I refer to the Living Well Team?

The Living Well Team can accept referrals from any health and social care professionals.
Referrals can be made via Strata or by completing our referral form. Completed forms can be emailed to or posted to:

Living Well Team
Living Well Centre
229 Duke Street
Barrow in Furness
LA14 1XU

We do not take referrals over the phone; however, if you have a patient you would like to discuss with us prior to completion of a referral form then please contact the team on 01229 444407.