Living Well Services

Living with illness can be hard. There are different ways people find to manage illness. Some find it helps to talk with those with similar problems, learning together how to manage. Many find staying active through exercise and other activity helps. Having fun with others can also take your mind from your illness.

Our experience is that we can learn how to influence our health and improve our wellbeing.

It’s all about enabling you to enjoy life – understand yourself better, connect with other people and feel the benefit of kindness, friendship, support and having a good laugh.

The Living Well Team:

We have a team of therapists, nurses and health care assistants who provide a range of group and individual therapies for people living with long-term conditions that impact on their lives. These are provided in our Living Well Centre in Barrow, as well as at the hospice in Ulverston and within the home setting. The team are skilled at adapting therapeutic techniques and approaches to meet the needs of individuals.

Who is the service for?

St Mary’s Living Well Services are for people living with any illness which impacts negatively on their life and may shorten it. This includes lung, heart or neurological illness or cancer. Family carers can also find it useful to attend these services.

What support is available?

St Mary’s Living Well Services come in different forms depending on the needs of the individual. Once you are referred to us we will work with you to identify your needs and find the part of the service that works best for you.

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The Living Well programme is aimed at enabling patients to identify their most significant concerns and priorities, providing a range of support to help manage the changes in their life and to enable them to focus on the things that are meaningful to them.

Throughout the programme tools and techniques will be shared that can help support health and wellness. Some of the keys areas that we focus on throughout the programme include planning & pacing techniques, nutrition, fatigue & exercise, stress & relaxation, sleep, and therapeutic activities.

Due to the current situation of the COVID pandemic we are unable to facilitate face to face groups at present.

Due to the current situation of the COVID pandemic we are unable to facilitate face to face groups at present.

The Day Hospice at St Mary’s Hospice offers an environment where people encountering similar experiences, can meet in an informal setting and provides an opportunity for mutual support that enhances confidence and well-being.





The Day Hospice can help with symptom management, as well as emotional and spiritual support. In providing respite care for the day, the Day Hospice runs a range of activities and social events led by the activities co-ordinator and a team of dedicated volunteers.

Due to the current situation of the COVID pandemic we are unable to facilitate face to face groups at present.

Take part in an enjoyable and therapeutic chair based exercise programme with a Level 2 Instructor from the Living Well Team at St Mary’s Hospice.

Keeping active can help to reduce symptoms of your condition or treatment. Regular gentle movement and relaxation can also help to improve mood and quality of life, and help you feel more in control. This six week programme can support you by:

  • Strengthening your body and giving you energy
  • Controlling you blood circulation and blood pressure
  • Reducing symptoms like pain, fatigue, constipation and shortness of breath
  • Helping you to relax and sleep better
  • Improving you mood and overall sense of wellbeing
  • Reducing anxiety, stress and depression
  • Improving you concentration and making you more alert

Being active can have long term benefits if it is done regularly. We will teach you how to adapt the amount and type of exercise you do to suit your ability and energy levels so that you can continue these at home.

Living Well Complementary Therapies:

Due to the current situation of the COVID pandemic we are unable to facilitate this service at present.

Complementary Therapies at St Mary’s Hospice offers supportive care for patients and their families in South Lakes and Furness. Our skilled team can adapt the therapeutic techniques used for people with different levels of need or advancing disease. Our aim is to promote relaxation and wellbeing through a range of gentle and therapeutic treatments which include:

Massage: A soothing treatment which is a gentle aid to ease muscles and reduce anxiety.
Aromatherapy: Using essentials oils taken from plants to promote physical and psychological wellbeing. Combined with massage gives a holistic treatment personal to you.
Reflexology: A pressure point treat to the feet which is soothing and relaxing: helping to ease the tiredness and relieve stress which may help boost the immune system.
Reiki: A gentle therapy to relax your body and calm your mind which may help energy levels. Reiki can be performed when the client remains fully clothed.

All therapies are available at our treatment rooms at St Mary’s Hospice, Ulverston or the Living Well Centre at Duke Street, Barrow, or in your home if you are unable to attend a treatment room. We also offer therapies to people currently in our In- Patient Unit or being cared for by Hospice at Home, and their family carers.

Living Well and Staying Connected

We have launched a “Living Well and Staying Connected” Facebook page. This is a closed group, run by staff from the Living Well Team at St Mary’s, where we can safely support each other and stay connected as a community. It is a particularly difficult time and we feel now more than ever we need to practice self-care and keeping connected. The group will be used to share coping mechanisms, practical techniques or simple ideas you can try which aims to improve wellbeing. Living with illness can be hard. Many find it helps to talk to those with similar difficulties and learning together positive ways of managing.

Each week the groups focus on five key areas of wellbeing-

Monday Focus of Carers- Carers Zoom Cafe
Tuesday Relaxation Tuesday
Wednesday Creative Club
Thursday Exercise for all
Friday Nutrition for all
We also share lots of useful videos- being uploaded soon.

To join the group simply search ‘Living Well and Staying connected’ on Facebook or click the link:

Request to become a member, and please fill in the questions requested.

Referral: please ask any health professional involved in your care to refer you to St Mary’s Hospice (via Strata or click here for our online referral form), or for more information contact a member of the Living Well Team at St Mary’s on 01229 580305