Helen and Patrick’s Story

Patrick led a life filled with poetry, fell walks, music and love. A much loved husband father and grandfather, Patrick suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, Lewy Bodies Dementia and latterly Multiple Myeloma. Patrick attended afternoon day care sessions and respite care. As his health deteriorated, Patrick entered the Hospice for end of life care.

Being here meant Helen did not have to leave Patrick’s side. The family agreed, no tears in the room, just chat, laughter and Patrick’s favourite music playing. “We couldn’t change what was happening, but if Patrick could sense or hear anything he would think it was a normal day with those he knew and loved.”

“Originally I wanted Patrick to be at home, but allowing him to be at St. Mary’s gave me days of precious quality time with him. I was able to hold him, lie beside him and talk to him without having to think about the nursing care he needed. Those last days were so calm and peaceful and so full of love that I had no fear for myself or Patrick, he simply fell asleep with my arms around him.”

“St. Mary’s Hospice gave us that wonderful gift.”

Comment From Helen

I felt at the time and feel now that I am held in the palm of friends who care.