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I lost my beloved partner George in July 2018. George and I had been ready to start a new life together in Barrow, moving here from Spain. I arrived here first expecting George to follow, but sadly he died suddenly. So as you can imagine I was in a very emotional dark place. One day when I managed to go to town I went into the St Mary’s Hospice charity shop, where a lovely lady there suggested I contacted the Family Support service. I took her advice and very hesitantly I called them. I wasn’t sure they would accept me due to George not having hospice care.

Making that phone call was the best thing I’ve ever done.

I was seen weekly at home by a lovely lady who gave me the chance to cry, be angry and express all my emotions without making me feel I was being judged in anyway. Also the constant reassurance she gave me that what I was experiencing was ‘normal’ and not to be frightened.

This support gave me the strength to get my life in some type of order and my family were relieved and pleased that I had found St Mary’s. During my support I was also able to join some of the wonderful groups that are run by the team- Make, Do and Mend, Craft Group, Online Group, Coffee evenings.

If anyone was thinking of getting in touch with St Mary’s Family and Bereavement Support Service I would say don’t hesitate! This service is so helpful. I have learnt to upcycle furniture and made lots of new friends. Since joining the groups I have grown in confidence. I have also become a volunteer and help in the local charity shop where my journey began.

I would urge anyone out there who is struggling at all with your grief and loss to give St Mary’s a call. The Bereavement team are so welcoming and supportive and have enabled me to start my new journey and look forward.

For more information or to refer yourself or a family member (with their consent) call us on 01229 580305. If you prefer, you can ask another health professional to refer you. Thank you to Sheree for sharing her story.

Comment From Sheree - Family Support and Bereavement Service

Making that phone call was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Sheree - Family Support and Bereavement Service