Syringe Driver Training


This 3 hour session gives Registered Nurses the chance to enhance their clinical skills, and refresh their knowledge around the subject of syringe drivers.

You will have the opportunity to learn about the theory behind syringe drivers and why we use them, the practical application of syringe drivers in clinical practice and end of life, and time dedicated to practicing how to set up a syringe driver so that you can feel more confident when using them in your practice.

Our session includes

This session includes:

  • What are syringe drivers
  • Why and when we would use a syringe driver
  • Commonly used medications
  • Medication doses
  • Converting oral to Continuous Subcutaneous Infusion
  • Demonstration
  • Practical


Dates Available:



This course is £25 per person OR £100 for a group of 5

Delivered at St Mary’s Hospice


To book onto this course please email us at