Vattenfall opens the new Clinical Skills Lab at St Mary’s Hospice

Last week we welcomed Mimi, Ross and Christine from Vattenfall to the Hospice. Vattenfall have been working closely with us at the hospice in funding a Clinical Skills Lab so we can train our staff and the community in the most up to date practice for palliative care.

Nikki, our Practice Educator, said “I’m really, really grateful that Vattenfall funded this. Its going to make a huge difference to staff here at the hospice and its got huge potential to make and even bigger difference out in the community. We can take end of life and paliative care out in the community because of Vattenfall and all the equipiment you have funded. I cant put into words how much this means to us. The clinical skills lab gives staff a safe place to practice their clinical skills. We can tailor our care to each patient, especially if they have complex needs such as a tracheostomy or NG tube. It will give staff an opportunity to practice skills that they may not have used in a while before the patient is admitted. This will give the staff confidence in their own clinical skills and benefit each patient.”

Annabelle, our Coroporate Fundraiser, said “Its amazing what Vattenfall have done, just an amazing example of a company giving back to their community. Please pass on all our thanks to you colleagues, it means so much to us”

“Vattenfall is honoured to have sponsored the Clinical Skills Lab at St Mary’s Hospice, a facility dedicated to providing compassionate care during end-of-life experiences. The dedication and compassion of the staff at St Mary’s Hospice, makes an immeasurable impact on the lives they touch, embodying the values of empathy and support that Vattenfall proudly supports. This sponsorship, reflecting Vattenfall’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life, aligns seamlessly with my personal conviction that those dedicated to providing dignified end-of-life experiences possess an innate calling to their work. Together, we stand united in our support for causes that make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families during their most challenging moments”. Mimi Mwasame, Stakeholder & Community Engagement Manager, Vattenfall.

Ross – Vattenfall Representative, Jenny – RGN, Angela – HCA, Lauren – Intergrate Sister, Christine – Vattenfall Representative, Annabelle – Corporate Fundraiser, Mimi – Vattenfall Representative, Nikki – Practice Educator, Chistina – RGN, Ghitta – Doctor