Light Up A Life 2020

Dedicate a light and celebrate the life of someone you love

Dear Supporter,

St Mary’s would like to warmly invite you to be part of our 2020 Light up a Life service.  For those of us who have lost loved one(s) we understand that Christmas can be a difficult time and although COVID has sadly meant our service must be online our ethos still remains. Our Light up a Life service is designed to provide comfort, love and hope whilst giving families and friends an opportunity to celebrate the life of someone truly special.

Throughout our history St Mary’s have never faced a challenge as great as we have this year, COVID meant that we saw the demand for our services rise, coupled with the fact several vital income streams decreased, meaning 2020 has seen us enter uncharted waters. However what has remained is our determination to honour our promise to our community. St Mary’s adapted and reacted to ensure we remained there for those who needed us most. Our promise to be there for our community has never wavered and never will.

Although extremely disappointed that we are unable to host our beautiful candlelight church services this year, we understand its importance to many,  and are pleased to announce that we will be hosting an online service to replicate as close as possible the sense of love, community and togetherness Light up a Life emanates for so many. The service will be available to view via our website and social media platforms from 7pm on Sunday 13th December and throughout the festive period.

If you would like to dedicate a light in memory of someone special this Christmas and support the future of St Mary’s Hospice you can make a donation for your light in two ways-

  1. Online – Choose your donation amount and complete your dedication. You will receive your dedication stars on a separate email  to print at home.
  2. Regular Giving – Make a regular donation to St Mary’s Hospice. Become a ‘Moment Maker’ and help ensure the valuable work we do continues.


Your choice to make a monthly donation, no matter how small, helps St Mary’s Hospice plan for the future. Regular giving provides us with an income stream that is predictable and sustainable allowing us to move forward with more certainty. Choosing this option will also allow you to dedicate a light year on year in memory of your loved one(s).

Once you have made your donation please print your stars and dedication form, the links are below.

LUAL 2020 Dedication Stars

LUAL Regular Donation Printable Dedication Form


Dedicate a light to your loved one(s) during the festive period on our beautiful Christmas tree here at the hospice.

  1. Enter your loved one(s) name and personal dedication into our online memorial book (Available to view on our website following on from the online service and throughout the festive period).
  2. Place your personalised message star on our tree, alongside your light that shines in memory of someone dear.
    Please note if we can have your dedication in by 14th Dec it will appear in our online memorial book. Stars can be sent in any time before then and will be proudly displayed on our tree as and when they come in.

Thank you for your continued and loyal support, we could not do what we do without you.

From all at St Mary’s Hospice we wish you a safe and peaceful Christmas.

Take care

Mel Dixon