Jean’s Story

I have been volunteering at St Mary’s for about 6 and a half years. I also volunteer in the night shelter in Kendal as it is local to me, I cook there, often soup and chocolate cake, if the recipe says 1 spoon of coca powder I always put 2, which seems very popular.

I have been volunteering most of my adult life and I believe it lets you use your other skills, not just the work related ones you gather.
I didn’t apply here, I was actually head hunted! by Sandra – who used to be St Mary’s Volunteer Manager – who approached me after she saw my writing and asked if I could volunteer at St Mary’s, as the person who kept the memorial book up to date by hand was retiring. I actually live near to the Rev Michael Thistlewood who consecrated the book.

At the hospice I use my calligraphy skills for the memorial book each month. I also include an alphabetical index to make it easier for people to find their deceased loved ones. I include the date, name and age they were.

If I were to need care then I would come to this hospice as it has a lovely atmosphere and I’m sure the chef already knows my order!
At home, after a day of work I enjoy writing the alphabet in different scripts. I love writing, I find it very restful.

The memorial book can be found on the landing by our Inpatient Unit at our hospice in Ulverston, and can be viewed during the day in our quiet area.