Leave a gift in your Will

Leave us a gift in your will

1 in every 5 patients cared for at St Mary’s are funded by gifts left in will’s.       St Mary’s believe everyone facing a life advancing illness has the right to not just the best care but care with dignity, choice and support for both themselves and their family.  Leaving us a gift in your will ensures we can continue to be there for local people and their families when they need us most.   We owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone who leaves us a gift in their will.  Every gift makes a difference, just 1% of your estate would have a significant impact of the care of future patients. .

Benefits of making a will

Making or changing your will is straightforward. It will ensure that you make a positive choice about how you would like your assets to be divided after your death. If you don’t make a will someone else will decide on your behalf. You will also be able to minimise the tax payable on your gift and any donation made to St Mary’s is free of inheritance tax.

Types of Gift

A Residuary Gift is when you divide your estate into shares of percentages to family, friends and a nominated charity such as St Mary’s Hospice. This is the most valuable way to leave your gift as it is not be affected by inflation.

A Codicil – If you have already made a will but have decided that you would like to leave a gift you can make an addition without having to re-write your will. This is a legally binding supplement to your will and is drawn up and witnessed in the same way. It is also cost effective.

A Pecuniary Gift is a specific cash gift which means you can decide exactly how much money you wish to leave to St Mary’s Hospice.

A Specific Item – You may have specific items of value that would also support the work St Mary’s. By including the named specific item(s) in your will you can ensure it will benefit others after your death.

Please remember St Mary’s value every single gift, we appreciate every ones’ circumstances are different and we understand family and friends come first. However if you are able and are thinking of leaving us a gift in your will then know how grateful and appreciative we are.  Thank you for helping to protect our future and ensuring we can continue to deliver care when its needed most.

How do I leave my promise?

I have a Will If you already have a will then all you need to do is call your solicitor and add us to your will. To do so you will need our name (St Mary’s Hospice) and importantly our registered charity number 517739.

I don’t have a Will  contact a solicitor who will write your will on your behalf.  For a list of local solicitors please click here



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